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We Have a Taste for Success

A Top Mexican Food Franchise Experience

Unleash the flavorful world of fast-casual excellence, est. 1995

At Überrito, we're not just about food; we're about crafting unforgettable experiences, embracing unique flavors, and redefining the burrito franchise industry with a concept that's as diverse as it is delicious. Our menu isn't set in stone like traditional restaurants; we invite our customers to unleash their creativity with our Build Your Own Burrito Taco Bowl experience.

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What makes us the best Mexican food franchise?

We’ve taken bold steps to redefine the fast-casual dining experience. From our inception in 1995, we've continuously pushed the boundaries of what Fresh Mex can offer. Today, we're excited to share an exciting franchise opportunity that brings a whole new level of variety to the table with double the protein, twice as many toppings as our competitors, three meal periods (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and exclusive seafood options! 

Cater to every type of taste bud with our mouthwatering tacos and customizable bowls to our indulgent nachos and a wide range of burritos. What truly sets us apart is the optionality we provide. Customers can choose from an array of tortilla options, including flour, wheat, spinach, and jalapeño cheddar. 

Our protein selection spans from grilled shrimp and fajita steak to ground beef, tilapia, and more! Top it off with freshly made sauces, an assortment of sautéed veggies, and a variety of other delectable add-ons to create the perfect Fresh Mex masterpiece.

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Überrito's Food Truck Initiative:

Fueling Success from the Streets to Your Plate

Überrito is proud to introduce our food truck franchise initiative as part of our commitment to providing diverse business opportunities. While our traditional brick-and-mortar franchise model has been the cornerstone of our success, we’re excited to offer a separate and equally enticing opportunity -  purchasing and operating one of our iconic food trucks from our approved vendors in your local area.

We believe that great success begins with a strong foundation. Before embarking on your journey as an Überrito franchisee, you have the option to kickstart your entrepreneurial adventure with an eye-catching food truck. This innovative approach serves a dual purpose: enhancing brand awareness and delivering a higher quality Fresh Mex dining experience.

The Überrito food truck isn't just any food truck – it's a mobile sensation designed to capture the hearts and appetites of your community. We empower our franchisees with the option to showcase our food truck. And we're not afraid to position ourselves strategically, even parking our trucks outside direct competitor locations. This move is all about getting your brand noticed and building excitement before your Mexican food franchise restaurant doors open.

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Where Innovation Meets Tradition

Überrito takes the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine and elevates them to a level of extraordinary. Our philosophy is that every bite, whether our deliciously flavorful burritos or other fresh Mex food, should be an experience, not just a meal. Our build-your-own concept empowers customers to personalize their meals with limitless variations, catapulting Überrito to become one of the fastest-growing Fresh Mex Burrito franchises in the USA.

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Why Partner with Überrito?

Ditch the mundane and dive into a world where franchise restaurant opportunities are reimagined. Our guiding principle: even in the world of fast service, food should be nothing short of extraordinary - it should be über-good.

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Unparalleled Brand Power

Our brand isn't just memorable; it's magnetic! Prepare for a journey to success backed by a strong brand that engages customers with creative messaging that sticks.

Cutting-Edge Advertising and Marketing

Stay steps ahead with our avant-garde advertising arsenal. From grand openings to social media mastery, we've got your back with dynamic marketing strategies that set you apart.

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Food Truck Inclusion

For new franchisees, the excitement begins with operating their very own Überrito food truck. Here's the best part: the food served is paid for by our marketing fund when we offer free burritos for either signing up on our mobile app and rewards club or during charity events.

Expert Site Selection and Building Support

We guide you every step of the way. From site selection tailored to your target demographics to seamless development and restaurant buildout led by an approved architect, Überrito provides purchasing and inventory control expertise, plus invaluable operational support.

Uberrito Fresh Mex Mexican Franchise - San Diego, California.
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Comprehensive Training

Before opening your doors, our seasoned team ensures you are fully prepared with four to six weeks of pre-opening training. During this training, you’ll cover important topics such as general business, operations, food preparation, food safety, employee hiring, staff training, purchasing, inventory control, and all facets of running the franchise.

As part of our pre-opening support, you'll also have the exciting opportunity to utilize one of our food trucks. This allows new customers to experience our unmatched quality and variety firsthand, making a powerful impression before your official launch. You can use our food truck to recruit new team members, engage in charity events, and foster community awareness. Once your doors are open, we also offer up to ten days of hands-on site training so that you're fully equipped to excel.

Diverse Franchise Opportunities

At Überrito, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer a variety of franchise opportunities tailored to your preferences. In addition to our Überrito food trucks, we also provide the option to open a single-unit franchise. This opportunity can be a suitable choice for individuals looking to start with a more manageable investment.

Culinary Entrepreneurship Awaits: Seize the Restaurant Franchise Opportunity Today!
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Rank #1 for 2022 Franchise Innovation Award by Franchise Update

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Rank #8 for Top 23 Mexican Restaurant Franchise Opportunities by Small Business Trends

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Area Developer Partnership

Enjoy the potential for exponential growth with Überrito's multi-unit franchise option. As an Area Developer, you have the opportunity to expand and manage multiple Überrito locations, increasing your reach and revenue streams. The total investment for this option is customized based on the number of areas and units you choose to develop.

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A Limited-Time Opportunity:

Area Agent Partnership

We're introducing a limited-time investment opportunity for Area Agents to join forces with us. As an Area Agent, you won't just bring in franchise leads; you'll be an integral part of our growth story. What makes this opportunity even more exciting is that for each franchisee you bring into the system, you’ll receive 50% of their franchise fees and royalties. However, this program won't be available indefinitely. Seize the chance to be part of the journey towards redefining the QSR franchise industry.

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Ready to become part of one of the best Mexican food franchises in the industry? Join the Überrito franchise family today, and let's build success together.

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