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Überrito is known as one of the best fast-food franchises to invest in, offering an enticing opportunity that allows entrepreneurs to savor the flavors of success in the Mexican food industry. If you've ever dreamed of investing in a fast-food franchise, we offer a variety of options to meet your business goals and preferences. 

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Explore Überrito's QSR Franchise Opportunities: 

The Investment Details

To bring the deliciousness of Überrito to your community, you'll need to choose between one of the following investments:
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Single Unit Brick-and-Mortar

Total Investment:

Ranges from
$254,000 - $749,000

Initial Franchise Fee


Our single-unit brick-and-mortar investment option is tailored for astute investors capable of affording and managing a larger establishment. This avenue offers the opportunity to initiate their Überrito franchise with a solid, standalone location. It caters to those who prefer starting with a singular, focused venture before considering wider expansion or who value the strategic growth and stability that a brick-and-mortar foundation can offer.

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Area Developer: Multi-Unit Opportunity

Total Investment:

Customized based on the number of units and locations

Initial Franchise Fee:

$40,000 for the first unit, plus $25,000 for the second unit, and $15,000 for each subsequent unit

Our multi-unit franchise option is designed for seasoned entrepreneurs looking to expand their portfolio through multiple Überrito locations. This investment type suits entrepreneurs with a strategic vision for growth, capable of managing and overseeing multiple operations simultaneously.

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Area Agent Agreement

If you're considering a more extensive role within the Überrito franchise system, our Area Agent Agreement might be the right fit for you. Under this agreement, you'll have the opportunity to act as an agent to locate potential franchisees for available territories.

You'll be responsible for providing support for various business-related tasks, including real estate selection, training, grand opening, and ongoing operational matters, according to the terms outlined in the Area Agent Agreement. We'll also play our part by providing support throughout the process.

Area Agent Fee:

*To secure area agency rights, you'll pay an area agent fee for each of the restaurants you plan to develop under the Area Agent Agreement.

Benefit from Royalty and Franchise Fee Sharing 

Once you sign the Area Agent Agreement, you'll receive 50% of each franchise fee paid by the new franchisee you recruit. Similarly, you'll receive 50% of all royalties paid by franchisees for each franchise agreement signed under the Area Agent Agreement.

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Food Truck

Total Investment:

Ranges from
$95,000 - $200,000

Initial Franchise Fee

*The franchise fee is applicable unless you own an existing brick-and-mortar location.

Enter the culinary world on wheels and go at your own pace with our food truck franchise investment option tailored for both budding entrepreneurs seeking a foothold without a brick-and-mortar, as well as established restaurateurs looking to transform their existing locations into an Überrito franchise. For those without an existing brick-and-mortar, our food trucks provide an accessible entry point into the industry. This option is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to scale their business into a brick-and-mortar down the line. For owners in transition, our food trucks serve as promotional assets, enabling continued sales and brand visibility during the transformation phase.

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Limited Veteran Fee Waiver

At Überrito, we honor and appreciate the dedication and sacrifice of our military veterans. To express our gratitude, we provide opportunities for veterans to embark on entrepreneurial journeys by offering a special Limited Veteran Fee Waiver.

Qualified veterans will have the initial franchise fee for their first three Überrito restaurants waived. This significant reduction in upfront costs is our way of supporting veterans as they transition into civilian life and explore the opportunities of franchise ownership.

This fee waiver is available to qualifying military veterans who meet the following criteria:

  • Service: Veterans who have served at least two years in any of the military's four main branches.
  • Discharge Status: Veterans must have received a discharge other than dishonorable.
  • Active-Duty Personnel: Active-duty military personnel are also eligible.
  • Ownership: If the franchisee is a corporation, limited liability company, or other legal entity, the veteran participant must maintain at least 51% ownership interest in the entity to qualify for this discount.
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Additional Fees

In addition to the initial franchise fees, Überrito franchisees are responsible for ongoing fees that may include the following:

  • Royalty Fee: 5% of gross sales, payable weekly
  • Production and National Advertising Fund Contribution: 2% of gross sales, also payable weekly, to support national advertising and marketing efforts
  • Local Marketing Requirement: 1% of gross sales, allocated for local advertising activities
  • Pre-Opening and Grand Opening Marketing Campaign: At least $25,000 (or $10,000 for a food truck) paid to your advertising vendor during the construction and opening period

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