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What’s Included in Überrito’s Fast-Food Franchise Cost?

December 18, 2023
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Hungry for a business opportunity that’s more than just a trend? With Überrito’s fast-food franchise cost, you can dive into a thriving industry where more flavor means more dough. Mexican food is hot in the current market, and the industry is expected to continue booming! In fact, Mexican food is the third most-loved cuisine in the US thanks to Millennials, the biggest consumer group, ditching their hometown classics for spicier flavors. Let’s take a look at why you should consider opening an Überrito franchise. 

Why Überrito

Überrito is an established and successful brand in the Mexican fast-casual dining industry. Our growth can be attributed to our continuous innovation and product refinement. We’ve strategically positioned ourselves within the $80 billion Mexican restaurant industry, expanding into untapped markets like Texas, the Southeast, and the Midwest. This expansion, coupled with our brand's proven success, make Überrito an enticing prospect for entrepreneurs looking to diversify their investment portfolio.

Creating a welcoming atmosphere and prioritizing guest satisfaction is ingrained in our brand’s ethos. What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on community and guest experience. Beyond merely serving food, franchisees become integral members of their communities. One way this is achieved is by participating in engaging campaigns like handing out free burritos sponsored by us when customers sign up on our mobile app and rewards club or during charity events.

Moreover, Überrito doesn’t leave franchisees to navigate the business terrain alone. We offer robust training and ongoing support, covering all facets of our business operations. From site selection to marketing strategies, franchisees are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed in the competitive restaurant industry. And we cater to every type of entrepreneur with the different costs of our fast-food franchises.

What Does It Cost To Open a Fast-Food Franchise with Überrito?

Überrito includes every type of franchise owner with a menu of investment options tailored to each entrepreneur’s diverse aspirations:

  1. Food Truck

This option appeals to small investors aiming to scale up or test the market before committing to a brick-and-mortar establishment. The initial investment ranges from $95,000 to $200,000, making it accessible for those with modest capital. Food trucks offer location flexibility and are excellent for reaching diverse customer bases at events, festivals, or high-traffic areas. Entrepreneurs can use food trucks to build brand recognition and gather valuable market feedback before expanding to a fixed location.

  1. Single-Unit Brick-and-Mortar 

This option suits investors with substantial capital or those already owning a location they wish to transform into an Überrito franchise. The investment for a single-unit brick-and-mortar ranges from $254,000 to $749,000, providing a stable establishment within a specific location. This option is ideal for those aiming for a dedicated customer base and seeking long-term growth in a single, established site.

  1. Food Truck with Brick-and-Mortar

For entrepreneurs seeking a bold approach, coupling a food truck with a brick-and-mortar setup is a strategic move. This dual presence offers stability within a fixed location while leveraging the mobility of the food truck for marketing and revenue building in other areas. This option allows entrepreneurs to establish a consistent customer base and create brand visibility across multiple locations. For more info on the fees for this investment, you can speak to our franchise team directly by getting in touch with us.

  1. Area Developer: Multi-Unit Opportunity

Our multi-unit opportunity is geared towards seasoned entrepreneurs with greater investment capabilities, allowing for a customized investment based on the number of units and locations desired. Initial fees are $40,000 for the first unit, with subsequent fees for additional units. This option caters to those looking to expand rapidly, capitalize on economies of scale, and manage multiple locations efficiently.

A Salute to Veterans

At Überrito, we proudly honor military veterans by offering a Limited Veteran Fee Waiver. Eligible veterans—serving a minimum of two years with an honorable discharge—can have their initial franchise fees waived for their first three Überrito restaurants. We aim to express our gratitude for their service by supporting veterans in their entrepreneurial journey as they transition to civilian life.

Beyond Franchisee: The Area Agent Advantage

For those eyeing a more involved role within the Überrito franchise system, the Area Agent Agreement opens doors. As an Area Agent, you’d assist in locating potential franchisees for available territories. This role involves support in various business aspects, from real estate selection to ongoing operational matters. Signing the Area Agent Agreement comes with perks. You’ll receive 50% of each franchise fee paid by new franchisees you recruit, as well as 50% of all royalties from franchise agreements signed under this arrangement.

Ready to take a bite out of success with Überrito? Contact us today and speak to our friendly franchise team to learn more about our fast-food franchise cost and franchise opportunities!

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